Modeling for Shine boutique

​STUDDED BELT isabel marant / PINK JEANS isabel marant / SHIRT 

This recent Friday, I met up with photographer Nikol Herec, to shoot some looks for the Trondheim based boutique “Shine”. I think the pictures turned out really great, Nikol is such a great photographer! I really adore the garments I got to try on. Everything looks so delicate and luxurious… I think my favourite item of all, was the detailed ring sandal, from Isabel Marant, as I am a huge shoe lover. Most of the looks were from Isabel Marant, but as you can tell, all of the looks was styled differently, with a big variety of brands.

Make sure you check out their webshop, and maybe, you’ll get lucky and run into a familiar face, hehe. This was such an exciting opportunity, and I am pleased to share that this will take place further in the future as well!

Stay tuned for the next couple of days, for more looks.

Hugs, M


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