Outfit- Recycled sari headband

All in black outfit with a hint of cuteness🙊 I did this outfit with some clothes from Shine the other day, and completely fell in love with the headband from Sissel Edelbo. All of Sissel Edelbo’s garments are handmade, and made out of recycled saris from India. That means, that every single garment of every single collection of hers, is unique! Every sari is used for both kimonos, dresses, tops, headbands and more, which makes sure there is no waste in the making. As I am an environmentalist, I absolutely LOVE this.

I have also fallen in love with Sissel Edelbos dresses, which all has this lovely feminine touch, with ruffles on both the arms and neck. You can find her clothes here , or in Shine’s store in Trondheim centre.

The ruffled sweater I am wearing is from Kokoon, while I have trouble remembering the brand of the black trousers. I will update when I get ahold of it.

Hope you all will have a lovely day🙂

This whole outfit was shot by Nikol Herec , for Shine Shop.


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