Environment: Bottles for earth

*Written in collaboration with Bottles For Earth


Plastic bottles… Oh the horror. Every single year, 35 billion water bottles is thrown directly in the trash bin by people only in the US. Those 35 billion water bottles are completely recyclable and could either be used again by the individual buyer, or be recycled into new bottles or other items. When producing one plastic bottle, three times the amount of the water in the bottle is used to produce the actual plastic bottle. This causes for major impacts on the environment in the long run.

Of course, bottled water is a necessity in some countries, as tap water is not an option due to bacteria, or even drought. But what should you do in those countries, if you do not want to contribute to polluting more than necessary? Buy a reusable, environment friendly bottle to carry around and fill it up whenever you have access to clean water🙂 In that way, you don’t contribute to higher production values of plastic bottles by buying new ones every time the thirst kicks in.

As an example, here in Bali, you should not drink the tap water because of the bacteria. In Indonesia in general, environmental issues like using too much plastic bottles has for long been a known problem. Tourists tend to buy a new bottle of water every single time they are thirsty, followed by throwing them in the trash bin afterwards instead of recycling them. Some people even throw the plastic bottles directly onto the beach or in the streets afterwards.🚫🐬 If all tourists and locals continue to buy single plastic bottles at the store every time they need water, it will sure be a problem for those environmental footprints of yours after a while.

With all of these concerns in mind, it makes me so happy when someone decides to actually do something about the problem. The Australian Michel and Brad of “Bottles For Earth”, saw this major issue, and decided to take a stand. They have designed the coolest water bottles ever, made out of stainless steel, with cool prints and important messages to go with them. I have the black one to the right in the top picture, and I absolutely love it! It is so easy to carry around, and I would never have expected to become so addicted to a water bottle. There are many designs, for every type of person. You can buy one with the Balinese beer logo “Bintang”, or even a yoga themed bottle. There is something for all of you on their site! And of course, the Vegan themed bottle is also a favorite of mine. Buy your bottle HERE.

Bottles For Earth can be bought both online, and in Bali in several shops and cafés. And the best part is (if you are Bali based), that the bottles can be filled up with water for free in several of the cafés where they are sold. Amazing, right? For me, that is motivation enough to carry my bottle around all day. Water is so important, especially with a boiling weather of 30 degrees celsius every day. So make sure you always have water available!


Cool water bottles to help you, help the planet



Stay healthy, stylish and environmental all at the same time with 
your new water bottle from BFE, HERE. Hope you all are well, hugs- M

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