New York City, the 05th of September; 2018. Comic books, note books, good friends, lots of light and a long sought for lack of egoism. This city does me good. ❤️ I wont be updating my blog too frequently, as I earlier this year was dragged into a superficial part of the whole blogging scene/ social media world. Some moments tho, needs to be perpetuated, and so will they be on this blog as I carefully post some chosen words and photos from time to time. I love life, and I want life to love me back; so I’m trying to be the best version of myself and do a healthy distance from the fake world that oh so easily can be created in this viritual world. With that said, I just love life right now and the state of mind I’ve been in for the past month in Brooklyn/ New York has been amazing. I have so much I want to share. There’s a lot of exitement, good energy and love in this little body of mine right now, and all of this energy needs to find it’s way out somehow. Some times by writing, or painting, or drawing, or singing; dancing, smiling, jumping up and down out of pure joy or just simply meditating to be able to feel all of my feelings. Mabye I’ll start sharing again. A new start. Who knows.

I have something about 200 drafts written down on my phone, all from good days of inspiration plus an over eager mind, some from bad days co overthinking. The good ones; usually complimented by a state of euphoria as a consequence of good mood, high vibrations and pride from a successful session of brainstorming.

I found this random draft today, and it made me wonder if I wrote it while on the metro, post a good song playing on my earpods, or if I woke up in the middle of the night needing to clear my brain.

Beautiful readers; I hope all is well, and that life does all of you good. Make sure to follow my every day moments on Instagram; @melissaschof

Lots of Love and good night from New York💗💗

Once upon a time there was the human race, a complex organism able to coexist with mother earth and through experience learn how to expand their minds. They could settle down with dumb ass brick brains or let them evolve under constant growth guided by the light


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